The Independent Photo Book

 Jörg Colberg and Hester Keijser are founders of the blog The Independent Photo Book

On the blog you will find independently published and/or produced photography books or zines, which are not available via Amazon or other standard outlets.

Here are some of the "rules" if you want to announce your book:

 - We only accept announcements about existing print books or zines (strictly no fundraisers)
- There is no selecting, editing and/or curating involved
- At the time of the listing, the book/zine has to be available (no "sold out") so people can actually order it online

Read more: The Independent Photo Book


br said…
this is an amazing site. it is great to know about the books that are "out there" and ready to be enjoyed!!!
Paolo Saccheri said…
I have been through it and it is remarkable and full of interesting books!!
Thanks for sharing!!