Street Art Days - Caper

Handprinted poster made in Stockholm
Sticker, Paris

Sticker, Berlin
Posters, screen print made in Berlin
Etching on aluminum mounted in a concrete framework, Stockholm
Spray, made in Varanasi India

Spray, made in Stockholm

Photo stickers, Stockholm
Photo stickers, Berlin
For the first day of Street Art Days we are pleased to present a slideshow and some wonderful photographs from Caper. So sit back and relax, take off your shoes, grab some popcorn and a beverage...enjoy!

photos and slideshow © Caper 


br said…
great presentation and work Caper and Rhonda!!!
Mr Urbano said…
The camera loves street art and street art loves to be photographed - so photography and street art is a quite special combination

Very well presented!

I come to think of how street art is removed by entrepeneurs driving around in vans - at least in my city. I think there is some 24 hours guarantee to remove all signs from the underworld.
So there Are people making money from street art.
I also think about the great Banksy film "Exit through the gift shop" - a must see for everybody interested in street art

ANd finally - In Spain I find murales, street paintings older than 10 years - no 24 hours guarantee there.

Thanks Rhonda, Mia and Caper for this great blog entry
Paolo Saccheri said…
great and beautiful pieces of art!
Anonymous said…
I have the same opinion with most of your points, however some need to be discussed further, I will hold a small discussion with my buddies and perhaps I will ask you some suggestion soon.

- Henry
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post, great ))