Brutte Notizie - bad news

I was in the bookshop and looked over the stand of the political/social state books.

The titles are scaring in Italy, read here:
- Skunk
- Bad News
- Jackals, documented history of the gang who has predated Italy
- Strangle us all
- The gambling house State 
- The gang, why Republic of Italy is founded on the conflict of interests
- Betrayed generation
- P3, analysys documents biographies of the new "piovra" that wants to govern Italy (
- Bankster
- I f**k you
- ...

There is a full wide stand to choose on this.

The Italian Minister of Economy says that you don't eat with culture... and the Minister of Public Administration said at the TV to all Italians that those that work on culture should "go to work!!" and laughing invited the Minister of  Culture to tighten the purse-strings that later replied he wouldn't go to the Minister of Economy to beg for money... how sad, how sad for the cultural beauties and minds of Italy.
We need a new era, I think.


Mr Urbano said…
we need a new era - true words Tiberio

the picture is a kind of historic document telling us about the current dark era
Paolo Saccheri said…
You mean Paolo, I guess...
Mr Urbano said…
Oh yes
Sorry Paolo
but at least you are both from Italy
Tiberio Fanti said…
No problem!
I do agree with both of you.

We need a deep crisis: some kind of very strong event from where the people have to look at themselves in the mirror and hopefully realise how they really look like.

Yet ... I think it's a globalised problem: Italy has only the cultural background to amplify these side-effects of the media-inducted mental depauperation.
Mr Urbano said…
It is completely global
I agree
Greece yesterday, Irland today...
and tomorrow...?
Paolo Saccheri said…
someone yesterday said in a joke... I leave Italy before it ends up like in Italy!
( a more or less translation) ;-)
Mr Urbano said…
good one