Jessica Silversaga - selected works

The photos are from three different series by Swedish photographer Jessica Silversaga. They often speak about fading memories, there is a feeling of something lost. Like the drama of the dollhouse - to me it is a saga about leaving and never coming back. 

Jessica opens her rooms and space to the viewer - nothing is obvious. Headlights from a car approaching, a tree lit up in the dark. She knows how to visualize a story and get the viewers attention but she leaves enough room for everyone to make their own interpretation. I like that. - Mr Urbano

Jessica Silversaga
Born(year): 1982.
Lives in:  Stockholm, Sweden.
Latest exhibition: London Design Festival 2010.
Inspiration (photographers): I don't actually watch a lot of work from other photographers. I find life very inspiring in itself at this moment.
Inspiration (other): Everyday life, my friends, books, movies and music. Emotions, relationships, dreams.
Film, digital or both: I enjoy both, it depends on which mood I'm in.


Mikael said…
Great work, nice to see it here!
Valeria said…
the idea is great, because we always take pictures to remember and in this case is portrayed missed that part. Very good