Perspectives; Stockholm - photographs taken by homeless people

Facade, Drottninggatan Photo © Anja Jonasson

View from the bottom
Photo © Johnny Ekebert

The photographic exhibition "Perspectives Sthlm" is a development of Situation Sthlm’s work to provide homeless vendors of the magazine access to the public space, and to give them a forum in the public discourse as well.

A number of Situation Sthlm's vendors have taken pictures in order to show their image of Stockholm. Photos of the city; views, streets, people and situations.

Berns salonger is a beautiful place. A place where people meet. The organizers of the exhibition "Perspectives Sthlm" think that the location is perfect and hope that many will enjoy the photos.

A small reflection about "Perspectives - Sthlm"
This project is so interesting - it is very much about changing the perspective. When you provide a homeless man or woman with a camera and ask him or her to take pictures - what kind of photos are you expecting? Someone will perhaps wait for pictures of poor living conditions, misery and despair. I am sure that the photographers of these pictures know all about that side of life. So there is very little of "social realism" or the kind of documentary photography that deals with the situation of people marginalized by the social system.

I see a picture of a toilet near the Royal Castle. It is like a small poem. A view of facades in blue and a colour explosion from the bottom. Some pictures are almost like postcards showing beautiful sights of the city. Blockhusudden with a travel guide ( bus 69) and a blue train on track 5. This is great. I am happy to be able to show these photographs on 591.

The exhibition will end tomorrow June 9.
The photos have been sent to me by Henrik Törnberg who is working for Situation Sthlm. Many thanks Henrik. - Mr Urbano

Alone, Photo © Ingvar Thun
Sometimes the exit of the Tunnelbana (Metro) feels like walking through "Suckarnas gång" (a place of laments)

Blockhusudden Photo © Stefan Wikberg
One of my favourite places just 15 minutes by bus 69 from the city center.

Toilet near the Royal Castle, Photo © Johnny Ekebert
Between Slussen and the Old Town is the finest room, with a door, electricity and so on...

Klaragården, a shelter for homeless women Photo © Anja Jonasson
The photo shows one of the many faces of the city centre. It looks like a photo taken on the countryside. Peaceful and quiet.

Beautiful boats, I like them and you can go for a tour too. Photo © Ahmad Yagedari

Train, Photo © Lasse Sonneberg
My grandfather was an engineer and station master. I love everything about railways - and to ride a train.

Situation Sthlm has texts written by the vendors, published in every issue of the magazine. The book "Homeless - in your own words" was published last year. Recently a blog called "Homeless – with a blog of my own" was released where a vendor of Situation Sthlm comments on everything that occurs.

Berns Salonger (in English)
Situation Sthlm Magazine (in Swedish)

Have a look at this commercial promoting the magazine. The man in the first clip says "because you're worth it"


br said…
a wonderful group of photos! it's great that the homeless people are telling their own story with words and photos.
Mikael said…
Yes very interesting and needed to bring attention to those without a home and I remember a project where they gave cameras to young people living in the favelas of Rio de janerio, same there, not much of the misery that was portrayed and as I come in contact with homeless people often due to my work I know there are artists among them as well as any other social category of people, what is important is to remember homeless people can be anyone and as everyone else they are living beings with emotions and skills as any of us
Paolo Saccheri said…
very interesting!!
thank you for sharing
Rhonda Boocock said…
what a great project...happy to hear about it and see some of the pictures.