Cuba, 2008

Photo © Tatiana Bitir

Tatiana: There were kids and people laughing on the street in Trinidad/Cuba....and there were dark corners in the middle of ....somewhere....There are more than a thousand words to describe them...this is why I am bringing this portrait to the light....

You know Tatiana from 591 Spaces. This strong image is part of a series of eight pictures called "In the middle of nowhere". The photos of the two elderly women has touched me deeply. I often think about them.
- Mr Urbano
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Simona said…
congratulations, this shot is really moving and intense.. wow
Paolo Saccheri said…
a beautiful portrait and photo!
adm said…
the less you show the more we see.
I really like the picture
Vedres Ági said…
sophisticated lady
Mikael said…