A vendor of tires trying his Michelin outfit

Photo © Simon Johansson

Simon: "April 2007. Per Axelsson in Nyköping, Sweden is a vendor of tires. You see him trying a promotional outfit received from Michelin"

This portrait is not about looking into someone's eyes. It is photographed at a distance, but equally speaks a lot to me ...the body language, the environment, the possibility of quite grim outlooks for the business.
- Mr Urbano

Simon Johansson has participated on 591 with an exhibtion of photos from Paris and also series of photos from Stockholm. He was born in 1963 and lives in Stockholm
Simon Johansson on 591

OTHER portraits by Simon Johansson in 591 Summer Exhibition
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Paolo Saccheri said…
As one of the most funny and surreal photographs I put this wonderful shot among my preferred ones, together with those of Richard Kalvar, another master in the big game of hunting apparitions.