Housing for birds

Photo © Robin Olsson

On the roof of Kulturhuset there are 768 bird houses and a mating place for birds. The purpose of Eric Ericson’s project is to adjust birds to society.

Today, birds fly around aimlessly and freely, and this is highly unfortunate according to the creator of the project. As long as birds are free, they cannot be socialised and enjoy the benefits of modern society.

Stockholm is amazing, isn't it? - Mr Urbano

Web camera of the birds project


Anne said…
Utrolig flotte bilder og fin blogg du har .-) takk for titten.
Paolo Saccheri said…
Yes... but how about something different from huge blocks of flats?
Mr Birdhammer said…
the designer says it is a "million project" for birds, referring to the housing project of the 1960s and 70s in Sweden when a million flats were built. Well, I have to think hard to make an opinion of this ;)
And the web cam seems to have been snatched away. Was it a bird?