Morning rain

Photo © Owen O'Meara

It is an excellent portrait that immediatly draws you in. I love the light in it and the way the inside and the outside relates. The way the woman is turning her back on the rain and the movement in the street. In some way it is to me also the beauty of film. - Mr Urbano

Owen O'Meara's website
He is represented by The Robischon Gallery in Denver.

Owen's most important recent show was in NSW Australia in March 2008 with Roger Skinner. It was a large retrospective of both photographer's work work with the figure. "The Nude, Explorations and Interpretations." Owen O'Meara and Roger Skinner.

Owen O'Meara has participated on 591 Photography with the online exhibition Figurative Studies and Abstractions.


Paolo Saccheri said…
so strong and so intimate!
a wonderful instant of soul to soul communication.
a great photo.
Anonymous said…
Many, many thanks Paolo. It was a wonderful but far too brief session.

Anonymous said…
This is a soft wonderful portrait !

Anonymous said…
Many thanks Tatiana.