Edouard Boubat in Stockholm 1979

Photo © Joakim Strömholm

Joakim: "He was a good friend to my father Christer and by the way photographed my "studentexamen" (graduation from high school) in 1967 and later also became my friend. To find a nicer person you must really look hard He was very fond of Sweden and fascinated by Swedish girls and many years later he came to the opening af Christer's exhibit at Camera Obscura where I took this portrait."

It is an excellent portrait, direct and strong. Just like in the photo of Alvarez Bravo published yesterday I keep looking at the hands. The hands of a master photographer. - Mr Urbano

Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) received the Hasselblad award in 1988:
"Boubat is a storyteller who wants to capture people, their behavior and their everyday lives on film. He depicts people and scenes with warmth and his pictures speak of love, joy and human pride
." (from the press release of the Foundation) Learn more about the Hasselblad award.

OTHER portraits by Joakim Strömholm in 591 Summer Exhibition (with comments by the photographer)

Christer Strömholm in France 1964.
This image was taken when Christer dug out and restaured a ruin in the South of France. You might beleive that he did the digging himself but there was many people that helped and he was a very good "poseur"

Dennis Hopper in Stockholm 1984
The picture was taken during the shooting of the movie "The Inside Man" where I was still photographer. Also one of the nicest and coolest persons I ever met... and also a very interesting photographer I found out later.

Web site of Joakim Strömholm www.stromholm.se
Joakim on 591 Photography


Mikael said…
Its very good, nice contact and presence and it feels french, maybe because his gesture with his hand, was it napoleon who came up with it..;)
m agejev said…
Vedres Ági said…
I like his eyes, strong, but smiley.