Opening soon: 591 Summer Exhibition

Cancel everything else and remember to stay alert at 5 pm CET on Saturday June 20th. The online 591 summer exhibition "Portraits" is opening and can be seen all over the world where Internet is present.

Time zones is the only thing you have to worry about. But here's a small guide.
Opening of Portraits - 591 Summer Exhibition:
Los Angeles - 8 am
Mexico City - 10 am
New York - 11 am
London - 4 pm
Paris - 5 pm
Tehran - 8:30 pm
Jakarta - 10 pm
Sydney - 1 am (June 21)
Hjo - Hjo?


cafe selavy said…
Yes, well you know I'm excited.
Vedres Ági said…
we're waiting...
Tiberio Fanti said…
Isn't it Midsommerfest tomorrow?
You shouldn't be working at all ...