Marrakech, 1991

Photo © Thierry Clech
Thierry: "This is one of my first photos, in 1991. I had just purchased a camera (a secondhand Nikon FM2 that I always use) and I was just beginning to understand how it works (aperture, speed, etc.).. I bought six or seven black and white films, to see what I could do during a week in Marrakech."

Thierry also says that he was incredibly lucky to get this shot as a beginner. Well, I think that even some great masters of photography will admit that there is often an amount of luck involved. In any case, it is the picture that counts. This is a great portrait, expressive and dynamic. The sharp-edged leaves of a plant to the left play an important part, I think. The composition is excellent.
- Mr Urbano

OTHER portraits by Thierry Clech in 591 Summer Exhibition
Venise, 2007.

Thierry Clech was born in 1965 and lives in Paris, France. He has participated on 591 with the online exhibition "Istanbul".



adm said…
there's so many triangles. I like it