Welcome to Bea's Space

Some themes develop by chance, like these photos of photos. As a fellow intranaut of 591 Photography's space, I would like to present other people's images of photos. I have no list of favorites but have been very inspired by the work of Lee Friedlander, William Klein, and a thousand other photographers and film directors. A lovely obsession. Photos an text © Beatriz Rowland

There are millions of galaxies out there but there is no galaxy like 591. I am happy to see Beatriz join the journey through the Spaces of the 591 Galaxy. According to an application on facebook Bea and Mr Urbano is a "terrible match". Bah! "Don't be talked into anything.Check for yourself!" I have checked for myself and yes: we are "soul mates", "great minds think alike", "twins" or whatever.

I am looking forward to see Bea in a paralel Space and I salute her from my spaceship.
- Mr Urbano


Mikael said…
Yeah, another queen has arrived!
Great to have you here Bea!!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Yeah Bea!!!!!!!! Let the good times begin...
br said…
thank you, it's nice to be here. !!
Paolo Saccheri said…
it will be very nice to see your ideas here in 591!
I'm happy for your new arrival
br said…
hello...from my spaceship to yours. :)

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