I got a letter from Austin with some pictures. It made me glad to listen to his enthusiasm about photography. And how could I resist publishing pictures created with the beautiful OM1? - Mr Urbano
Here are some facts about this modern classic
Austin has also made a blog entry about the camera.

The playground shots were done with a 30 yr old Olympus OM1 35mm film camera. the light meter and ASA indicators are broken on it so i've been using guess work/best guess etc. I've been quite pleased!

I shoot film currently but have done a lot of shooting with Nikon digitals. I still believe that film is unsurpassed. The coloring and all is so beautiful. I love how organic the process is and how much i must slow down.

I spent my early years in my grandfather's camera shop and attribute my passions for photography to him....

I'm very passionate about the image, creating it, composing it, and ultimately sharing hopes that it too will tell a story to the viewer.

Austin Warnock
Born: 1979
Lives in: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Quote "Photography, is is life that interests me" Henri Cartier Bresson


br said…
oh my, great capture of a child in the suburbs....where "more" often means "less". excellent work.
Mikael said…
Very nice pics and yes there is a special feeling with film that sometimes beats digital, getting more and more tempted to dust off my old Yashica mat
Anonymous said…
A place ...and a camera to remember !

Austin Warnock said…
thank you for such kind words!