591 Exhibition - Urban Brådhe

Ulrica, September, 2008

Sabina, October 2008

Hanne, May 2008 - getting ready for her wedding

Hanne, August 2008 - she has two more weeks to live

The book "Livet kan inte vänta" is about Hanne, Sabina and Ulrica who are struggling to survive from cancer. Hanne died last summer and Sabina just recently. Ulrica is still fighting the disease and there is hope.

Photographer Urban Brådhe and writer Sara Natt och Dag followed the three young women and their families last year.

Urban Brådhe says that the book is about how to cope with the last days of your life. Life and death is the ultimate contradiction of our existence. We will all face death, it is an inevitable part of being a human.

Urban has worked nearly 40 years as a photographer but he says that he has never come that close to anybody as he did with Hanne, Sabina and Ulrica.

It is a very strong document in pictures and text. I have been thinking about the pictures ever since I received them from Urban. Is it possible to present such an intimate and touching work without the background of what is said in the book? I think it is, much thanks to Urban's sensitivity and experience as a photographer. The pictures speak in another language than words, but they are irreplaceable and unique. Thank you. - Mr Urbano

The book "Livet kan inte vänta" was published in March 2009
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Urban Brådhe
Lives in: Stockholm Bromma and works for the newspaper Metro (www.metro.se)
Inspiration (photographers): Lennart Nilsson, Jeppe Wikström, Paul Hansen and others..
Inspiration (other): My creative children
Film, digital or both: Digital
A favourite photograph: Picture of the year 1985 by Hans Runesson, unbeatable!
Homepage/contact: urban.bradhe@metro.se


Anonymous said…
Mycket starka bilder och bildjournalistik när den är som bäst. Jag efterlyser ofta denna typ av genomarbetade längre reportage som tyvärr blivit allt för ovanliga i dag. Som sagt, riktigt bra detta tycker jag.
/Alf Johansson
Oskarp Mask said…
What a fine example of great & timeless humanistic photography. Congratulations!
Rhonda Boocock said…
excellent and meaningful...
Mikael said…
Strong and very good work, feels intimate yet with sensitivity. Through my work I meet people with cancer very often and see their hard struggle for a everyday life but also there is many times a great liveliness in their spirit and that I believe you have caught here too cause its an very important ingredient when telling a story like this.
My hat off for this excellent work!
Johan said…
I really like the picture when she's getting ready for her wedding.