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A day of fishing in the south of India
(Varkala, Kerala, India)

The day begins early. Fishermen repair the nets in the shore.to leave in their boats towards the sea, extend them and wait.

Meanwhile managers wait in the shore and the other fishermen are the first trading their captures.

The men on shore began to take a position, two of them swimming in the deep corner of the nets and start shouting and sharp blows on the water, the men gather in the ropes in the sand waiting for the signal start to pull the net. Birds flutter waiting for the right moment to steal a fresh bite.

That is undoubtedly the hardest time pulling under the loud voices of the boss shouting instructions and cheering up.

After 4 long hours under a fiery sun only takes two minutes selling all the fish that disappears and everything starts again until they take over the thousands of boats that sleep on the sea, drawing a beautiful scenery of lights on a silver and quiet sea.

Photos and text © Marga Fonts

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Marga Fonts
Born: 1976,
Lives in: Barcelona
Inspiration (photographers):Man Ray, Robert Capa, Alfred Eisenstaed, Margaret Bourk, Kevin Carter
Inspiration (other): En la vida, el dia a dia, las calles, la forma de vivir y en como cada dia no deja de sorprenderme el genero humano.
Film, digital or both: Film and Digital
Quote: Allí está el fastuoso escenario de la vida para los que saben mirar un poco.

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br said…
birds, fish, and people. nice work!
Mikael said…
Superb images and great story