the invisible photographer

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

Thinking spots are great, you may use them to think about the mysteries of photography. Michelle's exhibition this weekend made me think of the unseen photographer - I mean she is there in the pictures, but how did she manage the timing to shoot such divine pictures?

I have been thinking a lot of the unseen in a photograph, there are probably lots of things happening just outside the viewfinder and the frame that becomes a photograph.

Another very interesting thing is the photographer himself/herself. Where is he/she positioned to capture the photograph. We know from Michelle's pictures where she is. But most of the time the photographer is invisible, unseen.

591 is looking at photography from every possible angle. How about having a look at the invisible photographer. If you have pictures that reveal the position of the photographer as the one above send them to 591.

Sometimes the photographer appears as a shadow or in a mirror etc. It could be deliberately or by mistake. The mistakes are often very amusing. Send them too!

- Mr Urbano


br said…
almost the shape of an eye. nice!
Mikael said…
Cool shot, does shots from the hip or belly shots count?