...from Stockholm - by Simon Johansson

Simon Johansson is one of the exhibitors on 591 Photography Gallery. I am sure you remember his photos from Paris (see history of exhibitions) This series is dedicated to his home city - Stockholm. I like it very much, Simon is looking at Stockholm with humour and compassion even in the grim days of winter.

Today (and the coming months ) Stockholm is probably one of the most inviting and beautiful capitals of the world. I have to say that, even if the financial disease created on Wall Street, has affected the Swedish economy as well and people lose their jobs in tens of thousands. On top of that there is a mysterious swine flu spreading around the world.

However, today there is nothing that will stop me from saying "... from Stockholm" and enjoy Simon's pictures of our city.

See the full series ...from Stockholm by Simon Johansson


Anonymous said…
I have been in the apartment on the first picture but it's not me in the picture. When did you take it?
Rhonda Boocock said…
excellent...Stockholm is a magical place!
Anonymous said…
Great, great photography !

Olle Siltberg said…
Riktigt bra bilder, synnerligen intressanta är de från en snart svunnen Slussenkarusell!
Mikael said…
Great captured moments of Stockholm
Svenska Larm said…
Finfint som vanligt mannen.

Men nu vill jag se bilderna på riktigt, hängda på en vitkaklad vägg i nån industrilokal så jag kan få dricka bubbel och äta jävla salta pinnar när jag tittar på dem. FattAR DU DET?!?":::
Anonymous said…
@ All: thanks a lot!
@ Alarmisten: ordnar du lokal så fixar jag pinnarna... Deal?
Anonymous said…
@ Prästgatan:
the pic was shot at 04-06-07 15:18

Do you know the person who's in it?
Anonymous said…
Detta gillar jag! Du tangerar vår stads insida, dess karaktär. Stockholm är världens vackraste stad, både vad gäller utsida och insida. Du har fångat Stockholms personlighet på bild, lysande!

Applåder från din dotter H.
Anonymous said…
Jag gillar verkligen bilden med personerna som drar resväskorna i regnet (snöblandat regn?). Snyggt!

Hälsningar från kusin Lovisa