Through a train window

Traveling the same route a numerous times could be a boring experience.

I have traveled the route between Stockholm and Ludvika several times the past 20 years since my origin is from Ludvika. My folks are still living there so they need some attention from time to time and to tell the truth it is kind of nice going there and relax from the stress in Stockholm.

I´ve always felt that the traintrip to Ludvika must be one of the most boring trips in the world because there is nothing to see and it always looks the same outside the window, however lately I have come to think of that during the past 20 years it has changed a lot, the people i see are different and the landscape tend to shift in appearance.

Sometimes I notice things that seem new but they have actually been there for a long time just because of my own blindness to see what´s actually around me. So for the latest trips I´ve been trying to open my eyes and take in the beauty and the changes that do occur and I find myself able to see again.

These images are not about changes, they are merely an observation from my latest trip.

All photos © Mikael Jansson


Johan said…
Kul projekt, Mikael. Och många fina bilder!
very new to me since I have never ever traveled that route
the hallstahammar pic wow his cap is about to take off to the skies
the birches
the windows from a window

the people waving goodbye or hello

great experience to travel with you

and listen to this:

No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film. ~Robert Adams, Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques, May 1995
paolo saccheri said…
all very fine photos!
I like this mini reportage a lot
Tiberio Fanti said…
More or less the same is happening to me, Mikael. This afternoon I could not do anything else btu sleeping whle I was flying over Goteborg once again. I started thinking I should find a new distraction on mine: I can't stand people that cheat time working on their laptop, look aimlessly at every corner of the aircraft or simply leaf through the safety instruction pages ... you never know.
Ulla said…
Wonderful photos, Mikael! I got a warm feeling.
kekke said…
Förbannat bra bilder. Tänker ofta själv på ögonblick som passerar när jag åker tåg eller för all del bil. Man blir en passiv betraktare av en verklighet in action. Medan man själv bara konsumerar...
beatriz said…
it is nice to see these scenes...the reflections are captivating. nice work.
Rhonda Prince said…
I'm glad you opened your eyes in a new way...a great benefit for all of us! Wonderful!
Mr Urbano (with glasses) said…
when having a closer look at the Hallstahammar pic - it is a lady and her Hair is taking off to space
Amazing picture - a favourite
Anonymous said…
The reflection....the reflection....!

Anonymous said…
Fin kännsla och nya grepp :
austin warnock said…
these are just fantastic!