thinking spot for veterans

Photo © Tiberio Fanti
It seems that Tiberio has found a nice place in Göteborg (Klippan). It happens to be my favourite place too. A safe haven for veterans?


Mikael said…
Maybe time for me to book a place there too ;)

Nice pic, got a moody feeling I like
Tiberio Fanti said…
In that case, don't forget to take a bottle of alchool with you. I've found myself in dire-straits, among a group of "veterans" at their last drop ...
Mikael said…
Hehehe...will make sure to have a storage of bottles
Hehe...well there is a saying that if you want to hear the truth you should listen to kids and these "veterans" you met.
Did you not bring a bottle of Chianti-how very rude of you Mr Fanti ;);)
Tiberio Fanti said…
I would, if only the new airports customs rules were not so ... restrictive!

P.S: Chianti is easy drinking, try the "Amarone" next time.