tea party

On April 15th (the day in the US that tax returns are due), 750 cities across the country held local protests against wasteful governmental spending. They were called Tea Parties as a reference to the Boston Tea Party in 1773 during the American Revolution. Most of the these tea parties developed into nationally coordinated events causing counter protests to spring up that supported the current administration's economic plans and actions. Polls showed that 51% of Americans were in favor of these protests.

These pictures are from the Tea Party in Chattanooga. Called a grass roots movement, critics insist they were actually 'astroturf' (fake grass roots because they were organized by lobbyists instead of arising spontaneously)

photos©Rhonda Prince


Mr Urbano said…
I have heard about these protests but never seen any pictures of them
-interesting - it´s not difficult to imagine that there will be some turbulence when you hear of the billions of dollars handed out from Washington to banks, financial institutions, auto makers etc etc -
you made a fine mini reportage about this event Rhonda!
Anonymous said…
Almost depression !!! A slice of history !

br said…
you've done an excellent reportage...it is great to see this.!!!
Mikael said…
Yeah nice reportage and images, that last pic is really great
Anonymous said…
Actually, the "teabaggers" were setup by obscenely rich conservatives and Fox news who hired, at massive expense, a very expensive lobbying company to put this on. Of course, the rich didn't attend but got this bunch of stupid nonentities to protest taxing those 1%'rs who pay no taxes at all. The people attending the "teabaggings," if they were capable of paying any attention at all would have noticed their own taxes have gone down.

Stupid. And guess what, over 60% of the country approves of what Obama is doing with the economy. That is unprecedented. But I'm guess THIS particular posting, will never make it to your site.