Matances de Bujots

Matances de Bujots

Easter Sunday is celebrated in a curious tradition in Ciutadella, Menorca. Known as the Matances of Bujots there are puppets hanging in many streets - they represent well known characters who become the target of the shooting.

Bujots mean 'stooge', a derogatory word to describe someone without a personality. Ciutadella, the Matances de Bujots is an opportunity to bring the attention to the political class and highlight anything that has been cause of criticism.

There is no record of its origin, although it is likely to come from an ancient custom in which a puppet was carried through the streets of Ciutadella and then burned in Plaça des Born.

A photograph from 1883 hanging in the premises of the Cercle Artistic, shows a puppet shaken by the people.

Nor is its symbolism very clear, although it appears that it was a festive end to Lent, a time of darkness and deprivation.

This interesting and fascinating story is brought to us by Marga Fonts (© photos and text) living in Barcelona along with her partner Oriol Ferrer.


Mr Urbano (Pedestrian) said…
I guess that my puppet would be wearing a helmet and tights ;)
Amazing tradition
br said…
very interesting tradition. the guns make me nervous. : )
Mikael said…
Yes a fascinating story and fascinating photos