Erstagatan and Micke Berg

An exhibit about a street, some friends and a time.

Its always something special to visit a Micke Berg vernissage. Micke himself is of course there and as always he makes you feel welcomed. Several of the photographers friends are there and the atmosphere is on top

This vernissage takes place in Cafe Spuntino on Erstagatan, Stockholm. Micke himself has lived on Erstagatan and the photos are taken during the past three years. Most of them are new to me except for a few that I have seen on his blog.

The strongest impression is the warm feeling and the joy of life the images emerge. Its photos of friends, children, details and environments.

The general feeling I get is that Micke is trying to show something that is beautiful and positive this time,
Its not those gloomy and exposed images that I have seen before from Micke, not because its anything wrong about that but everything has its time and place.

Not all of the photos are in b/w this time, on one side of the wall there are colored photos among the b/w photos and on the opposite wall there is a very special color shot.

I see warm and personal photos that are´nt artificial, they are straight to the point and very good. Its a very good exhibit and my mood is on the top when leaving the place.
- Thomas Håkansson

You can see Micke Bergs blog here
and Thomas blog here with a Swedish version

Text and photos © Thomas Håkansson


mrurbano said…
Great to see a Visible photographer! I will soon bee the invisible mr urbano, since I never can make it to the vernissages - but I will go there soon to have a look! Great story about photographer Micke Berg - As you have noticed 591 (in this case Mikael's Space) gives assignments to trustworthy people when there is something interesting happening in town. Thank you Thomas! ;)
Paolo Saccheri said…
I often have a look at Micke's blog and found many interesting photos.
With compliments!