Photographer of the Week: Rickard Falk

Hi 591!

I'm Rickard.

I want to thank Mr. Ulf for giving me the opportunity to show my photos here and also the 591 as a whole for being a great inspiration!

Lately I've been falling back into film-photography (and developing) so many of the photos you'll see over the week will be analogue ones. I shoot with a variety of different cameras (and get new ones every so often, I'm always out digging the second hand shops; I guess that's a spinoff from my vinyl digging). Lately my Rolleicord and Fujica Half have gotten some proper workouts, mostly accompanying me on walkabouts around town but there have been the odd excursion as well.

As hinted I shoot a lot of "street" photography (I sort of fell into it by accident a year and a half ago or so), i say "street" with the "'s because I don't think I'm really a street photographer per say. I think I'm just trying to make good photos, good to me anyway, whether it's street or not. But what attracted me to street shooting was the kick, or thrill of it, if I'm to be honest. It reminded me of old sins in a way, and I hadn't known how much I had missed that. But roaming around the streets will find you much more than just street shots, and that's the fun part (besides photography itself being fun), you never know what you'll stumble over.

I have started to try and think in terms of projects and themes and things though, but those are never really on my mind when I'm out shooting; I just take pictures of what looks interesting to me (and if something comes out of that.. all good). So I always go out without a plan, that way I'm open to anything instead of searching for something specific and missing everything else. And most importantly, I always have a camera in my pocket. Always.

Peace, remember to have fun & keep shooting!


Photos © Rickard Falk