Airport Days on 591 - invitation to participate

Airport Days

hosted by Phil Decker

When we travel with see the world with fresh eyes.  Oftentimes we wind up in limbo, at airports, just waiting to be somewhere else.  

Yet airports are great public spaces to photograph within, to witness reunions and goodbyes, to document the traveler culture, and of course to notice the beauty of basics … light and geometry.  

Please submit images that you have created while in limbo in airports. If you don’t have any airport pics already, then consider a field trip to your local airport, just for fun.

You can submit up to 5. The pictures should be max 1000 pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi. 

Submit your Airport Pics to:

The deadline for submissions is April 14.

The exhibit will take off on May 3.

Here are some of my images created with my cell phone camera, while waiting to board at Reagan National in Washington D.C.

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Photos © Phil Decker