591 Exhibition: Living in Two Worlds - Terri Gold

I photograph people living in two worlds. The traditions of different millennia co-exist side by side. They are of the present and the past. I am interested in capturing, how an individual explores his or her existence through their traditions. 

Indigenous cultures are disappearing. At risk is a vast archive of knowledge and expertise. I wonder how long these places, rich in their cultural diversity will last, and feel a compelling need to capture and celebrate them now.

Terri Gold is an award-winning photographer & artist based in New York, known for her poetic imagery of rituals and rites of passage from all over the world. Her ongoing project “Still Points in a Turning World” is a life long series exploring vanishing cultures and traditions. Other bodies of work include the world of Dance, the Spirit of the West and the Mermaids of Coney Island and more.

Website: www.terrigoldworldimagery.com

Photos and text © Terri Gold


Mikael said…
Good work, exploring cultures is difficult and very interesting, I know since Im part of two cultures to keep old and different cultures than our own we need to learn and educate ourselfs because cultures is a richness to our world