Linda Vista Hospital - Laurie McCormick

I recently photographed the interior of the old abandoned Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, California.

It was originally built in 1905 as a railroad hospital to care for the Santa Fe railroad workers who had been injured on the job. Twenty years after they closed their doors to the last patient, the interior of this turn of the century edifice still holds endless treasures of the past. As I roamed from room to room, and floor to floor, I observed the faded peeling walls that were once brightly painted, which added mystery to my 3 hour journey though of this historic, yet very eerie structure.

I found myself walking alone down the long, maze like halls, littered with papers, old bed springs, lone chairs, exam tables and debris with only light from the windows of the open bedroom doors guiding my way.

Photo © Laurie McCormick


Vale said…
Awesome place!