Photographer of the Week - Ewa Stackelberg

Water is movement, mirroring and base layers. To find a source within me, I went back to my childhood waters. Equipped with high boots and a desire for peace, I went to my Småland lakes, streams and ponds. I sat down in the rain and waited for the raindrops to speak to me. Submitting myself to the waves like in a dream searching for the hidden secrets below. A reflection of a cloud drew a heart, white and joyful.
Ewa Stackelberg

These water slides are from a series of silicone-mounted photographs and can be seen at The Department of Transplantation Surgery at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge.

Photographer Ewa Stackelberg
Born 1955. Freelance photographer since 1980. Reportage, exhibitions and books.

Escuela Massana, Barcelona, GFU.
BA, University of Stockholm, sociology, film studies, fine arts
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Education Project 2003-05.
Authorized digital photographer, SFF 2010

Some Exhibitions
Color Cubano Folkens Museum/ Etnografiska. Oct 1993 - Aug 1994.
Via Roma, Italienska Kulturinstitutet, Stockholm,1998.
Tale for the living, Stora Galleriet, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 2001.
Affekt (Pictoglas) with Nadja Ekman, Röhsska Museet, Göteborg 2005.
Surrender, Fotografins Hus, Stockholm 2006.
Women's inventions with Nadja Ekman, Tekniska museet, Stockholm, 2006-2008.

Tale for the living
Best photobook of the year 2001

Female inventor of the year (Pictoglas) 2009 
Inventor award City of Stockholm 2005 


l4kuti said…
That's one more good job! Congratulations!
J. M. Golding said…
Beautiful, luminous work!