Orogenesis - Joan Fontcuberta exhibition in Stockholm

These landscapes are without memory, without history: nothing has happened in them, they have witnessed no expedition, no battle. They are mute spaces, mountains with no echoes, lakes without a ripple, silent waterfalls.

Indeed, this is just what is needed today; for the landscape to be remote from us in order for it to function as a liberating parable of our fate…..in its sublime indifference, to be apprehended as potentially hostile, if it is to bring about a reconciliation between man and nature.

Landscapes as landscapes, or art as a map 
Joan Fontcuberta 2005 

(Timothy H. O’Sullivan: Vermillion Creek Canyon, 1872)

Fotografins Hus, 14 March - 1 June 2013

Joan Fontcuberta is the winner of the 2013 Hasselblad award