Photographer of the Week : Matko Vučica

From "inter personal" ©Matko Vučica
From "Street, life" ©Matko Vučica

Matko Vučica, born 1982 in Zagreb Croatia, finished Medicine School at University of Rijeka.

About 11-12 years ago I started to be intrested in photography and ever since it brings sanity to my mind...."when there is camera and frame nothing else exists"..

Member of Kadar 36 .

My entire work is done with film based cameras. 

Life in general, big closed spaces attract me, micro worlds as I like to call them that exists on their own...produced an ongoing series Airports.

Inter personal is a series of random strange people portraits where I go into their personal worlds unnoticed.

Currently working with pinhole/obscura cameras which are mostly home made, they dont make mere moment capture they record time. Process of making a camera that eventually takes photos recording time...the feeling around it is a key to everything.

From "Obscuras" ©Matko Vučica

From "Obscuras" ©Matko Vučica