591 Exhibition: Street Scenes - Hans Wahlgren

I bought my first camera in 1970 and I have been taking pictures since then, mainly in the streets - street photography feels natural and interesting.

I photograph life in Stockholm. Street scenes, events, people. But I make no formal portraits. Those who are depicted in my art are seldom aware of me and my camera. I move around quietly and let events occur as they do in the city. If I disturb what I see, the moment will vanish. Sometimes the images present themselves to me. Sometimes they don't.

The streets are a 24x7 theatre. Things happen when you least expect it. Nothing in my work is planned, edited or staged. Everything takes place in Stockholm and its surroundings. It is just a matter of being there and observing what occurs, and to be ready. My first rule is to never leave home without a camera.

Text, photos © Hans Wahlgren

Website http://www.wbi.se where you also find my contact information.