Welcome to Tatiana's space

You have seen her reportage on 591 called "In the middle of nowhere" and the exhibition "Alone In Winter". She is Tataina Bitir, living in Toronto, Canada. I think we met in the shadows about five years ago or so. It was a time when I was almost obsessed by photographing the world of shadows and I found a companion in Tatiana.

It feels so great to now see Tatiana in a neighbouring Space on 591 and continue
that journey.
A warm welcome to you. - Mr Urbano


Mikael said…
Cool images!
A big welcome Tatiana!!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Yes, I have loved Tatiana's shadows for a long time as well...welcome!

Paolo Saccheri said…
nice to see you Tatiana!
Anonymous said…
nice, am so glad you are sharing your images with 591. !!