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Tread says that "photography isn't a thing to do, it's more of a thing to say". I have been listening to him for several years and I find his work unique and consistent. Tread tells the story of growing up, of the child, he often manages to see and depict the world from a child's point of view: "Have a look! There are elephants marching on Main Street and over there is a giant, smiling snowman!"

Tread's photos are about the fascination with the wonders of life - he tells us not to lose touch with the child within. It is a story about the joys of life, but also about the pain and the sorrows. He calls the exhibition 9700 Days, the supposed length of time it takes a boy to become a man. - Mr Urbano

Born(year): 1964
Lives in: Central Kentucky, USA
Inspiration (photographers): fellow Kentuckian Ralph Eugene Meatyard for his use of family, creativity and surrealism in the midst of being an every-man.
Edward Weston for his fearless use of composition and light.

Man Ray
was and is a favorite of mine.

Nancy Rexroth, her bizarre narratives on her childhood with the Diana
camera are crucial to toy cameras acceptance as artistic tools.
William Eggleston made photography less about technical nonsense and
more about mood and he threw out the rule book.
Robert Frank showed us reality, the kind we were used to seeing.
Lee Friedlander, again, someone who snubs the rules.
too many more to even get into...
Inspiration (other): I am moved by loneliness, noise and things in dichotomy. I love the Dadaists, Marcel Duchamp, Hanna Hoch, Raoul Hausmann, later as Dada was absorbed the Surrealism, Atget, Brassai and Pere' Ubu all helped form my work in some way. Music and some of it in extremes has always been a motivator for me as an artist. Noise bands like Whitehouse, Non, Zeni Geva, Hair Police fill my head as does classic loud bands like the Jesus LIzard, Cows, Laughing Hyenas, U.S. Maple and Sonic Youth. But I'm not stuck in the past and am always searching for music that inspires me to work.
Film, digital or both: I shoot both out of necessity but for the most part, artistically, I shoot medium format film through a variety of cheap, archaic cameras.
Quote: My favorite quote about art...“Such knowledge is not expressible in ordinary discourse." Susanne K. Langer
My Favorite Quote from me...photography isn't a thing to do, it's more of a thing to say.
A favourite photograph: Ralph Eugene Meatyard - “Romance (N) from Ambrose Bierce #3
Homepage/contact: site: www.gotreadgo.com


Mikael said…
Touching and very good work!
Unknown said…
9700 Days...a boy to become a man. Strong... wonderful photos!
Rhonda Boocock said…
a wonderful celebration and affirmation of youth and childhood
Vedres Ági said…
beautiul, I try to take breath.
cafe selavy said…
Icily intimate. There is a strangeness to the photos that makes me lean in trying to get closer, but the distance remains like looking at someone reflected in a series of mirrors.
Anonymous said…
great work and blog....the commentary works very well to bring the energy to the surface. good stuff.