A town called Kwanoxolo - part II

continued from March 18
There are two main technique I ‘ve been applying, while at the same time I understand that this way of working is directly proportional to the results it yield, so it as approach that is in progress.
The one is way is to use extreme close ups, so when you see the photograph, your eyes and the subject meet. This comes from the philosophy that the eyes are the window to the soul, and the second philosophy that the character of the person is written in the feature of the face.
I also believe in subject revelation, the idea that the more time you spend with a subject comes a point where their countenance is drawn out through an essential feeling which describes the essence of that person. This brings us to aura, the theory that we have aura describes a person as having been created from energy.

The key is to draw on many theories that are in this domain of methods of understanding human character and create a simple practice that can have results constantly.

The result is a shift from work that has been predominantly black and white to implementation of colour. The other aspect of portraiture which is an extention of describing character is capturing the image of creation.

St Augustine relates that when he was looking for the image in the soul he sought it in the outward man, and there he found four likenesses and three links and two face. He found nothing of the image. He found two faces to it. One working downwards and the other upwards. Two things adorn this image. One is, it is according to him; the other, there is somewhat of eternity therein. The soul has three powers: the image does not lie in them; but she has one power: the actual (or active) intellect.

The search of the image of creation and describing I feel in the same thing, the image if creation is an aspect of man that identifies with the nature of God. While character is a part of the image of God in men. The idea is combine knowledge and practical photographic techniques to effectively pursue this task. “Great art attempt the miraculous" - Photos and text © Russell Mbulelo Kanas

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Oskarp Mask said…
Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to read human character - most interesting. And great photography, too.
Paolo Saccheri said…
a very powerful result in your attempt with a good way to pursue it.
Rhonda Boocock said…
I enjoyed reading your comments as well as looking at the pictures...excellent work!
Mikael said…
Interesting words to think about and very good photos!
Vedres Ági said…
it's a real adventure, I can feel the place, beautiful.
Anonymous said…
beautiful images...and thoughts about photography. thank you!