fai da te - offerta libera

Photos © Paolo Saccheri

Paolo says:
These photos are taken during a light rain one night of last week. One man hoping for offers, one elder waiting for the bus. I crossed the man that was a bit off aside his marry stuff protected from water. A long balloon on a pole intended to call you there, and an eloquent sign: "fai da te - offerta libera" (do it yourself - free offer).

I don't know if he lost the pleasure to meet the people or he felt ashamed. I shot his photo while he decided to go.The elder strikes me for his expression, lost, holding his little white bag with some wierd strength. As a little treasure for him. A sign of the times?


Anonymous said…
Two great pictures! There is much more to this story in the coming months, I am sure.
Anonymous said…
yes, there is much more to the photographer than these wonderful photos!

Anonymous said…
Fabulous !