591 Exhibition - Robert Henriksson

All photos © Robert Henriksson

Robert Henriksson and Jurek Holzer happen to work as photographers at the same major Swedish daily newspaper (Svenska Dagbladet). 591 is bringing people together from all around the world, but this weekend by pure coincidence a couple of fellow workers. Robert told me that he likes to photograph children and young people, so I made a selection from his work called "New Waves" that focus a great deal on young people.

Robert has made several excellent series including the award winning reportage about Swedish swimmer Stefan Nystrand (Swedish Picture of the Year Award, 2009). I recommend you to visit Robert's homepage to see more of his work.

Robert and Jurek are a couple of photographers that I appreciate a lot. They prepare our daily bread, photographs about what is happening around us, making us see beyond the headlines and
news articles.

Allow me to quote Pablo Neruda from his speech when receiving the Nobel Prize in literature (1971) and I suggest that you replace the word "poet" with "photographer". This could perhaps describe what Robert Henriksson is doing.

"The poet is not a "little god". No, he is not a "little god". He is not picked out by a mystical destiny in preference to those who follow other crafts and professions. I have often maintained that the best poet is he who prepares our daily bread: the nearest baker who does not imagine himself to be a god.

Robert Henriksson
Born: 1980
Lives in: Stockholm
Latest exhibition: "Badbilder" with Färgfabriken Norr
Coming, planned exhibition: A new exhibition with Färgfabriken Norr this summer, this time with three other photographers.
Inspiration (photographers): Pieter Ten Hoopen, Elin Berge, Magnus Wennman,
Inspiration (other): My girlfriend, movies, music and ordinary scenes from the daily life
Film, digital or both: Digital
Quote: It´s a quote that reminds me of the different perspective of life. "Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall." - Larry Wilde
A favourite photograph: It´s hard to pick a single, i like so many, but right now it´s "Bertil" by Pieter Ten Hoopen
Homepage/contact: www.roberthenriksson.com
Blogg: somenfotograf.blogspot.com


Mikael said…
Excellent documentary portray of a contemporary Sweden, looking forward to see more from you Robert!
Anonymous said…
great work...well seen and documented. yes, cant wait to see more.

Paolo Saccheri said…
great to astonishing to tender to amusing... a very beautiful work!
Vedres Ági said…
hi Robert, I watched your site, super, grats. the second photo which is upside down, cool.
Anonymous said…
lesa allt bloggid, nokkud gott