591 Exhibition - Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann

Photos © Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann

"As sun sets down the unknown awakes, ancient fears and darkness are to be held away, popular imaginarium creates monsters and light to prevent evil to takeover the living beings.

These pictures are part of a 10 year long project about religious festivities in Chile where Spanish and indigenous ways mixed for more than 500 years conforming diverse and unique way of worshiping God and Virgin Mary". -
Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann

I have a strong relation to Northern Chile, where many of these festivities occur. Patricio's pictures remind me of the many stories I have heard especially about La Tirana. Unfortunately, I was in Chile the wrong time of the year to take part in "la fiesta de la Tirana", so the closest I got to the magic of these festivities was a trip to Andacollo to see "La Chinita".

It is great to see Patricio's interpretation of these popular events. He knows his subject well and he invites the viewer with an open mind to experience the miracles of the religious festivities of his country - Mr Urbano

Exhibition ended May 3, 2009

Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann
Born: 1973
Lives in: Santiago, Chile
Film, digital or both: Both.
SouthCone Photographers archive: pa.photoshelter.com/c/southcone


Mikael said…
Certainly gives a feeling of spirits present and are a treat for soul and mind