"Il cielo in una stanza"

"Oppositely to what happens in the shadows of the underground world where most of us, hiding behind the gloominess of grey habits and the misfortunes, mingle every day with the silent mass, either making it part of ourselves or interpreting it according to our taste and means, the rooftops of our cities are a privilege for those few who, in a way or in another, have stepped up the ladder of financial and political ranks, elevating themselves socially and physically over us all.

is an attribute of the higher class lifestyle; we can’t help it. The distance between us and the privileged is such that in those rare moments when it happens for us to be allowed to enjoy, even only for few moments, the view perceived from their standpoint, we strive to understand the importance of the opportunity we are given and renounce to taste the imperceptible flavors it offers.

Then it happens that we waste our short experience on the contemplation of the puissants’ treasures, concentrating on meaningless details, like the stationery perfectly aligned on the desk, or standing breathlessly in front of a painting we cannot understand or simply staring out of a window in wait of an airplane to cross the sky.

At last, our guest comes in, crosses his domain and, gently shaking
our hand, smiles at us and with no spare of energy shows the way out."
© Tiberio Fanti

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Anonymous said…
Excellent Tiberio, a space travel starting at the airport - great great!
Paolo Saccheri said…
a great story, at a big writer's level. The images are so perfect and both story and images are close to my opinion.
Anonymous said…
Superb urban geometry ! Love it !

Mikael said…
Most suitable with silhouette images to the text and the images are darn good!
Anonymous said…
nicely seen!!