Adventures in Glass

Photos © Darren Hepburn
Lovely, photographic adventures from the adventuresome Darren Hepburn!


Anonymous said…
Hello darren in dunfermline
hope you are well!
your colourful pictures light up my day and makes me remember an interview that I will make soon
Btw - Glasvegas are performing in Stockholm tonight - they came all the way from Scotland ;)
Darren said…
Ah...Scotland has many might have tried Scotland's 'other' National drink, 'Irn Bru'...becoming very popular in Russia, so I hear :))) Along with curry, it's impossible to get out of the carpet...this nemesis to carpets has yet to be cracked by any known carpet cleaner :))))))
Anonymous said…
New vision for our eye !!!

Mikael said…
Subtle and good!
Anonymous said…
luscious, sensuous, and exquisite work...thank you!