NYC Subway - Kahn Rhrissorrakrai

I have always been fascinated of expressions on people and a perfect place to explore other peoples expressions is on the subway and I was very happy when I found Kahn´s work, they show a tranquility in a usually hectic place and he show´s us expression of people who´s mind is somewhere else.
Here are Kahn´s words about his work:
"There aren't many settings that are so tied to the identity of a city as the subway is to New York. Everyone comes in carrying their own little world. With the camera I try, and am excited, to capture that feeling - that moment when they are not simply 'on the train.' "

Have a look on more of Kahn´s work Here

All photos © Kahn Rhrissorrakrai


Anonymous said…
a great ride in the subway
I am spellbound by the picture with the lemur watching the Lady hiding her mouth -super.
Anonymous said…
a fine work!
Anonymous said…
People traveling...they have a special expression...always !