It is -32 C ( let's go for a swim! )

-32 ºC = -25.6 ºF
3 February, Skellefteå, Sweden
Photo © Carina Hedlund


Tiberio Fanti said…
Absolutely crazy!
It's -15°C here in Milan these nights and we are all freezing as never before (in my memory, at least).
I have some colleagues working up there in Skelleftea ... now I understand a lot of things. :-)
mrurbano said…
I watched it on TV the other day. This is actually the prelude to a championship - there was a swimmer from South Africa too and one from Germany ( not Kerstin ; )Brave people
Anonymous said…
Brrrr! W Polsce ostatnio mrozy sięgały -30C. Podwójnie zimno się robi patrząc na te zdjęcia :)
no not me... but I love it just the same!!!!!!!