Coming soon: Feline Fridays

Get ready for Feline Fridays on 591 Photography. This is what to expect from a Cat Man. Furthermore he has found a partner - a Cat Woman who will run this show every second Friday. She is Laurie McCormick and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Here is how it works: Send your pictures of felines to: 

First show will be on Friday 17 February, so please select images to send us right away.

Laurie and Ulf ( aka Mr Urbano )

( By the way in Sweden the cats say "Mjau" - I wonder what they say in other languages ) 


To own a cat is one of life's big mysteries and challenges…Yet cats actually own us. They communicate with us through various methods, aside from talking to us with a soft or loud "Meow", cats communicate through their bodies. When you return home, a cat will run to greet you with tail erect showing happiness and love. When you enter a room where your furry pet is taking a "cat nap" you will see your cat crack open their eyes, check out who it is, then roll onto their back exposing their tummy which is the ultimate sign of "I trust you".

However don't ever underestimate the feline. They may be stubborn and aloof my dear friends, but the bottom line is that felines are cognitive and they can solve problems and learn tricks just like other highly developed species.

Cats do experience feelings such as sadness and jealousy. After my 16 year old cat Raisin made the transition at the end of 2011, her buddy Kiwi mourned and grieved for weeks on end. Every night she would howl and run from room to room looking for her pal. In the mornings Kiwi would go onto the front porch and splash her paws into a rain filled planter where Raisin used to drink thinking that Raisin fell in. It was truly so sad to watch.

"When you call a dog he comes, but when you call a cat they take a message and get back to you". So if you are fortunate to be owned by a cat, then in my opinion, you have experienced the ultimate love and total acceptance there is.


Photos by Laurie McCormick


Anonymous said…
Truer words were never spoken!
Vale said…
Cool! i only have 1 pic about cats haha, i dont like cats as pets, but they´re pretty ;)
great idea ;)
To all you cat lovers out there: This will make you smile: