Zoltán Balogh First part - Living on the edge of the society

Kids playing in the court of the well known Illatos street ghetto.This place is a segregated place near downtown Budapest. Mostly inhabited by poor Roma families who do not pay rent and criminals who like to hide from the police. Budapest, 2007

Mr Lakatos just came out from the prison because of theft and shows me his tattoo on his back in the Illatos street gettho.Budapest,2007

I would like to introduce you to an excellent photographer from Hungary. His social sensitivity, versatility and consistently conscious theme choice brought him both international and national success. Pay close attention to Balogh Zoltán’s photos in the two themes, but be sure to slow down a bit in order to have an intense experience. He is not only making the pictures, but during his work he always assimilates with the environment, making all his photographs perfectly authentic and humanizing.

Through the author’s personal lines and photos we get a closer look at people who live with social disadvantages and difficult fates.  
- Anita Balogh

-Lumix photo contest 2006-2007-2008 Hungary 
-Press Photo Hungary photo contest 2007-2008-2009-2010 -2011 Hungary 
-Smithsonian international photo contest 2007-2008 USA 
-National Geographic photo contest 2007-2008-2009-2010 Hungary 
-Venice International Photo Contest/WHO 2007 Italy 
-Al-Thani Award 2007 international photo contest 2007 Austria 
-Syngenta international photo contest 2007 -2010 Switzerland 
-Wanderlust Travel Photographer of the Year 2007-2008 UK 
-PX3 international photo contest 2008 France 
-17th Trierenberg Super Circuit international photo contest 2008 Austria 
-Bayer Conservationist Photo Contest 2008 Hungary 
-DC POTY international photo contest 2010-2011 UK
-Photographer’s Forum 3 Spring Anual photography contest 2009-2010-2011 USA
-Washington Post Travel’s 11th Annual photo contest 2010 USA
-CBR The Street Photographer of the year 2009 photo contest 2010 UK


Woman getting up and smoking in the bed in the room of the Illatos street ghetto.They live together with ten people in a small flat without their own bathroom and kitchen. Budapest,2007
Begger strikes a cigarette in the Déli railway station.He lost his leg in a train accident and now he has to sit begging in the underpass of a big station.Budapest, Déli raiway station, 2007

Homeless man sits in front of a bank in the downtown of Budapest. Because of the world economical crisis and the currency rates many families had to move to the street after they lost their homes in Hungary. Budapest, József circuit , 2008

Public clean out in the heart of the well known 8th district. All the good places are reserved by the clean-up people waiting for the rubbish sometimes many days before.These people mainly come from the poor countryside of Hungary and hope to get some metal,antiques,old furniture or technical articles.Budapest,Szigony street, 2009

Balu, a homeless man smokes a cigarette.He lives with 4 people in a little shed in the Csepel forest near Budapest downtown.He lived there for twelve years. His pores are full with the smoke of the stove.They need to keep to stay alive. Budapest,Csepel,2012

Anti,a homeless man, has to live in a concrete hole in the middle of a strawberry field on the side of the Csepel forest. He said the tree was crying after he cut the limb for firewood and he showed me the icicles. Budapest,Csepel,2012

Photo © Zoltán Balogh


Mikael said…
Strong and good work
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Such an important work with great photographic quality - I am glad to find this on 591. Many thanks Zoltán and Anita!
holhos tamás said…
Nagyon jók,gratulálok!!!!
Balogh Zoltán said…
Thank you so much for the nice welcome!
Vale said…
Fantastic images :)
Balogh Zoltán said…
Thank you V