Zoltán Balogh Second part - Circus Institute -

In the second act Zoltán is presenting a series contrasting with the previous one: "Circus Institute".While the first part represents a seemingly hopeless situation, the second part represents a forward-looking future for young talented people.
 –Anita Balogh

Imre Baross Hungarian Circus Institute was founded by Imre Baross Olympic gold medalist gymnast in 1950 in Budapest. From the beginning several internationally recognized instructors worked together with the Institute for example Rodolfo, the world famous illusionist, Nándor Zala „Fernando”, Zoltán Domokos „Deddy” and Alfonzó who were teaching the young generation of clowns in Hungary. 

Along the past decades the Institute has went through big changes but it still has the best professional circus artists among the teachers, like Károly Deltai artiste, László  Molnár artiste and olymipcon, Éva Zboray juggler. 

This is a photo project to document the life of the school and show how these great people of Hungarian circus history form the next generation of young artistes. I'd like to portrait the hard work of the students and the teachers and show from inside this unique and traditional job in the 21th century. 

The education is going on in several groups. There are beginners and advanced classes. After the long trainings the students have to go to a normal secondary school in the afternoon. The young artists have to study along with the training until the final exam.

And here he is who presented us the fabulous photos! Thank you Zoltán!

Photo © Zoltán Balogh


mrurbano said…
A very interesting series- love the photo with the girl hanging upside down next to the photo of Imre Barros
Balogh Zoltán said…
This one is my favourite too:-)

Thank you Ulf!
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