591 Exhibition: Paris Impressions - Johan Larsson

"The only audience who could appreciate the results of close observation, the careful reproduction of minute detail and local color, are dwellers between the heights of Montrouge and Montmartre, in a vale of crumbling stucco watered by streams of black mud, a vale of sorrows which are real and joys too often hollow; but this audience is so accustomed to terrible sensations, that only some unimaginable and well-neigh impossible woe could produce any lasting impression there."

Le Père Goriot - Honoré de Balzac

Johan Larsson b. 1986 is a photographer living in Jönköping, Sweden. He went the opposite way to most of us and abandoned digital cameras in 2008, starting to use film exclusively. Johan has contributed with many excellent pictures to 591 Photography and I am glad to present him in a 591 Exhibition with these impressions of Paris. - Mr Urbano

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