Galleria 44 Days - Sara Busiol

Galleria 44 Days open today with the photographs of Sara Busiol, a young talented Italian photographer.

 "This project simply comes from a visceral need to express what I felt those days. I expressed this way feelings and emotions that were born inside me. Light helped me moulding and shaping and making them visible to all. Photography has been like a mirror inside me for looking into my soul."

Text and photos © Sara Busiol
The website of Sara Busiol

Galleria Studio 44 is a cultural association located in the historical center of Genova, Italy, promoting contemporary art. You might remember Galleria Studio 44 as the place where some fine photo exhibitions were held, and shown here on 591, like "Closer to Beyond" and "Errorism".
The association promote cultural exchanges with foreign Countries like Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgary and others, always looking for artists to show in its spaces. More informations here.

I hope you will enjoy my daily posts of our friends photographers.


mrurbano said…
Beautiful forms and colours Sara . very fine. It will be an interesting journey in company with galleria 44 people - thanks Paolo for creating this series.
Tiberio Fanti said…
Per le foto, come anche per la cura e la ricerca di nuovi talenti sulle quali Paolo si sta tanto impegnando.
Non so dire quando riuscirò a passare per Genova (per lavoro mi capita così di rado): mi riprometto di passare a visitare Galleria 44.