FOTOMEXA: Nirvana Paz- Viviendo

Im very excited to introduce you to the photographer Nirvana Paz.

She has a BA in photography from the University of Veracruz. To date she has made ​​about 25 presentations, individual and group, in several countries like Mexico, Colombia, United States, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Japan, France and Portugal.
Her work is part of international collections including: The Portfolio Komopa Museum, Japan, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Portugues Center of Photography among the most important.

This serie is called "Viviendo" (living) but she use the word on spanish "viviendo" like a double meaning vi- viendo (saw- watching).

..."(saw-watching) describes the spirit of this series of photographs, I looked at the people portrayed, those beings who traveled the places I found on the trip. They do not know they were photographed, the qualities of the camera "Widelux" allowed me to fool them, that's why the person's portrait is always on the margins of the image".

Nirvana Paz
Born (year): 1976
Lives in: Mexico City
Cameras: Widelux 35mm
Coming, planned exhibition: Abril 2012 Holanda, Amsterdam.  El ABC del cine Julio 2012 Berlin, “Ciudad Oblicúa”
Inspiration: Many hard to say one, besides the list of people I admire and inevitably exert influence on my work extends to mathematicians, physicists, poets, engineers, literature, soursap water, bossa nova, laughter and friends.
Quote: "When I was young, I practiced every day for half an hour. Many sometimes come to believe in six impossible things before breakfast "
-Lewis Carroll - Alice in wonderland


holhos tamás said…
Mikael said…
I´ve always been a sucker for wideangle and these are great, think I have to get me a widlux ;)
Krunal said…
these are fantastic them
nirvana paz said…
thanks for your comments, I am happy to read them, close the circle of photographic work