591 Spring Exhibition: Second Call

Dear friends of 591 Photography, this is a reminder for you to take part in the 4th edition of our main online exhibiting event: the 591 Photography Spring Exhibition.

The Four Elements: Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.

Deadline for submissions is 4 March 2012
Pictures can be up to 900 pixels wide on longest side, 72 dpi

Please send up to three images for one element. You may of course participate in all four categories leaving you with a maximum of 12 images to submit. Paul, Kerstin, Tiberio and Simon are your hosts for this event.

Wind - Paul Boocock - 591windiness@gmail.com 

Water - Kerstin Kuntze - 591water@googlemail.com 

Earth - Tiberio Fanti - 591earth@gmail.com 

Fire - Simon Johansson - fire591elements@gmail.com

Find more information and words from the Elements curators on our first call (click on the image below):

The Exhibition Posters

Download our posters for this year's Spring Event. Make a color print and drop them anywhere you want: on your company's bullettin board, on a seat of your commuter train, on tables in break areas and waiting room, at the metro/bus stops, on your car windshield (mind the rearview!), at you favourite photo-club or just behind your desk.


4 Big Thanks!