Street Art Days - Last Day

photo © Brian David Stevens

All good things come to an end, they say. Today the Street Art exhibition is concluding. I want to thank all the photographers who contributed to this project. I also want to thank Mia Galde for the poster she designed and her enthusiasm for street art. We are now looking forward to Horse Days and all the other 591 Days to come.  -Rhonda

photo © Andrei Riskin (translation: There is nothing)
 Message from Mia Galde:  My love for street art and photography made me think I could contribute to this project even i should have known there would be no time for it. I love all the wonderful contributions we have received! It's been fantastic to see the diversity of both street art and photographers.

All my deepest thanks, to Rhonda for all her work and to all of you who sent these amazing pictures!

photo © Mia Galde

photo © Mia Galde


br said…
a great "Day" series....thank you, Rhonda, for the interesting presentations and thanks to the photographers for sending their great images!!
Mr Urbano said…
Yes it has been a wonderful show and I have been looking forward every day for the next post to turn up. Thanks Rhonda and all photographers - and not to forget all the street art creators!
Sehraeuber said…
it was definitely worth to visit Street Art Days everyday!
Thank you Rhonda and all participants.
Mikael said…
A great show it has been, thanks for the hard work