photography quiz - answers

I am quite sure that you can't guess who the photographer is, but perhaps you could try to guess what year and where? And what camera did the photographer use? - Mr Urbano

OK. Only Mikael gave it a shot and he was wrong. Well, he got one thing right. The photo is taken in Skåne (southern province of Sweden) in 1968. The photographer is Arne Persson ( you will soon get to know him better right here on 591).

The camera that Arne used was a Fujica Compact 35 (photo by Tatsuya Ishiguro). If you are a camera freak continue to this discussion on


Mikael said…
Well somewhere in skåne and taken 1969 with an OM2
The Professor said…
Good afternoon Mr Jensen

In 1969 there was no OM2, not even an Olympus OM1.

In fact Dr Yoshihisa Maitani had started to plan for the OM1 as early as in 1969.

Go back and do your homework Mr Johansen!